We at Limitless Garage understand that sometimes your design ideas are a bit out of reach financially. This is why we offer financing options on all of our services. We have teamed up with Financeit and Driver Capital, so you have options on making your car goals a reality.

• Financing for wraps, wheels/tires and all other services.

• Wraps from as low as $90 per month.

• Flexible payment options – choose from monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly.

• Approval for funding can happen on the same day.

• No penalties for paying off your balance early.

We work with Financeit to find the best plan for your budget. Speak to one of the Limitless team members to work out a plan that matches your needs.

• Financing for wheels and tires. 

• No credit check needed

• No penalties for paying off your balance early

• Flexible payment dates

• Forgiving late payments

This is the best option for those of us who have issues with their credit. Use the calculator on the right to quickly determine your spending allowances.