Vinyl wrapped Infiniti

Vinyl wrap is an adhesive backed film that can be used to change the colour of your car. It’s available in hundreds of different colours and finishes such as matte, satin, gloss, pearl, metallic, chrome and colourshift.

  1. Cost. A high quality vinyl wrap is much less costly than a high end paint job. Vinyl wraps start at around $2500 for average sized cars, while a good paint job can start at upwards of $4000. It is also much easier to achieve unique finishes such as colourshifts and flakes with vinyl than with paint.
  2. Removability. Tired of your wrap colour or want to try something new? No problem. Vinyl wrap is fully removable, and will not harm the paint underneath.
  3. Protection. Vinyl wrap can help protect the finish of your new car from minor rock chips to swirl marks and bird droppings. This preserves the future resale value of the car, as the paint underneath is kept protected and pristine. Vinyl wraps can last up to 10 years depending on the colour/finish and vertical/horizontal exposure on the vehicle.
  4. Maintenance. Vinyl wrap is low maintenance compared to paint. Paint clearcoat can easily be damaged during washing with brushes and coarse cloths, leaving behind swirl marks and micro marring. It also needs to be waxed regularly. Vinyl wrap is self healing in the sun – small scratches and marring will disappear over time.
  5. Customization. With vinyl wrap, you can achieve custom finishes for a fraction of the cost of paint. You can also custom print designs and get effects that are impossible with paint, such as textured carbon fiber, chrome, or brushed metal.

If you are interested in getting a free estimate on a vinyl wrap for your vehicle, or simply have a question, feel free to reach out to us at Limitless Garage Abbotsford. We have years of experience in this industry as well as professional training. We are Abbotsford’s number one choice for vinyl wraps.

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